for supervising doctors.

A streamlined approach for you and your consultants to review and approve examinations from EMO’s. AI based engine that you control to highlight areas of concern within an examination.

Combine distinct examinations into one consultation (say, Lead and Silica) to simplify processing and offer cost reductions to your customers. Approve and produce results of discrete consultations into the base examinations combined to form them. Guide best medical practice of EMO’s. Simple creation of follow-up exams. Real time dashboard views into your business processes.

Give the free-version of HSA portal to your customers where they can maintain their employee register, request examinations, download fit-slips, etc.

for examining medical officers

Guidance driven processes overseen by Supervising Doctors. Radically streamlined record keeping and supporting document production with one click. Faster throughput for consults with greater accuracy of outcome. Simplified management of required pathology, Spirometry and X-Rays.

for practices, providers and clinics

It's a lot of hard work to schedule a patient and their required tests for a Health Surveillance exam, much less dealing with hundreds of people and their employers. HSA uses sophisticated tools to schedule patients into your and related surgeries with visibility of outstanding items and tools to expedite missing exams.

Better yet, HSA offers this same visibility back to your customers so they can see exactly where all examinations stand plus detailed views into exam progress. All fit-slips are downloadable any time by your customers.

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