Health Surveillance Australia makes it easy for employers to manage their workforce’s health surveillance medicals and pre-employment medicals, directly with their health providers. Our powerful cloud-based solution provides dashboarding and reporting to give detailed views into the health of your workforce, helping to reduce injury, sickness and long term health issues.

HSA for People


Employees will receive advice of the risk levels of their job to avoid future illness.


HSA for health professionals

health professionals.

Gain access to powerful toolsets to analyse and recommend actions to employers.


HSA for Employers


Employers will have a tightly delineated staff risk profile that will reduce chance of injury.


a clear vision of employee health.

industry leading health surveillance.

Health Surveillance Australia is a tiered eco-system for medical professionals and employers of staff in potentially harzardous roles. HSA was designed and built by Doctors and Surgeons who are leaders in their field to effectively manage the health needs of their patients.

the important things.

HSA was designed by doctors and surgeons who are leaders in their field. In depth analysis of all aspects of each examination taking into account all significant details and enforcing best current medical practice and keeping you safe.

family. friends. you.

invaluable insight to potential risks.

clear and accurate risk assessments.

Of all businesses who maintain staff working with potentially hazardous materials or in potentially hazardous industries. Rather than building a solution for just employers, Health Surveillance Australia makes use of diagnostics rules engines to highlight potential issues.

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